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Samee Ul-Haq (
Date:Tue 12 Aug 2008 22:47:27 BST
Subject:PacMin Scale 1/100 Iran Air A300-600 Model for sale

I have a PacMin Scale 1/100 Iran Air A300-600 model for sale. There was only 4 made for the Airbus Marketing Co. This model comes with a black stand with the Airbus logo engraved on it.

A beautiful model for an Iran Air Model collector. I have photos so please email me and i will show you. The model is in excellent condition and comes with a foam box for superb protection!

Please remember this type of model are only for Airlines and Aircraft Manufacturers Co only, so this is rare!

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Daniel (
Date:Sun 13 Jul 2008 15:09:58 BST
Subject:1/100 CONDOR Boeing 757-300

Hi there!

I am looking for a 1/100 or 1/200 scale SpaceModels or PacMin model of the

CONDOR Boeing 757-300

in the company's current colour scheme. Offers welcome!

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Guy Stewart, Jr. (
Date:Wed 18 Jun 2008 21:53:11 BST
Subject:Hasegawa Museum Models

I am semi-retiring and downsizing my office, and I have two Hasegawa Museum Series 1/8 models available for relocation to a good hangar - the SE-5 and the Sopwith Camel.

Both were professionally built and are as good as it gets.

The planes are half-covered; half-uncovered. Thus, on the Sopwith, the Right-hand wings (top and bottom) are covered, as is the Right-hand side of the fuselage (running from front back to rear); while the other half of the plane is not - leaving the ribs and stringers and what-not on the Left-hand side of the plane exposed for viewing. On the SE-5, it is the Left-hand side which is covered. The control surfaces are connected to the controls, so that when one moves the stick or the pedals, the ailerons, ruder, and the elevator move in response. Furthermore, the roundels and numbers are airbrushed on - no decals here!

These are the Original Series Kits, and they are extraordinarily beautiful. It pains me to part with them, but, then, I do have my price: $15,000 for the pair; $8,000 separately, but I will not sell separately until each is spoken for. JPEG Pictures are available.

JPEG Pictures of the two planes are available.

If you are interested and/or have a buyer, I would pay a commission.

Thank you for any interest you may have.

Guy Stewart

Telephone (561) 659 - 1810 - West Palm Beach, Florida

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Fernand (
Date:Tue 03 Jun 2008 15:45:33 BST
Subject:Boeing 707-320 turbojet 1/48

For trade: B.707-320 turbojet (short tail), metal, 1/48, faded Air India livery, no damage, without stand, located in Belgium.

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Michael Saunders (
Date:Fri 25 Apr 2008 14:31:37 BST
Subject:Vintage Lufthansa models

I'm searching for vintage Lufthansa models - prop or jet - in all scales. Please feel free to e-mail me with pictures of any model you would like to sell. All mails will be answered.

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Chris (
Date:Mon 14 Jan 2008 11:13:42 GMT
Subject:1:24 RAF Nimrod

I have an ex-RAF publicity model of a Nimrod in hemp colour scheme in approx 1:24 scale. Construction is fibreglass, with removeable wingtips outboard of the engines to facilitate handling. Length is around 5ft. Model in excellent structural condition, but decals have peeled in places and will require some restoration. Has two threaded bolts on underside for mounting to a stand which I don't have.

Looking for realistic offers...or any information about the history of the model. Photos can be supplied on request.

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Ken (
Date:Thu 01 Nov 2007 01:29:43 GMT
Subject:1/50 scale and larger

Looking to buy or swap 1/50 scale and larger airline models. Might be willing to trade some of my models as well....please e-mail me and we can discuss the details.


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Ray (
Date:Wed 24 Oct 2007 22:09:19 BST
Subject:1/100 or Larger Scale Federal Express (OC)Models:

I am looking to buy Pacmin 1/100 or larger scale Federal Express Aircraft in Origanal Color Paint scheme.Purple with Federal Express down the side.I am looking for B747,B727,DC10,and Airbus A310.Thank You. Ray

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Dave (
Date:Fri 22 Jun 2007 20:46:54 BST
Subject:Large Scale Harrier AV-8B from Boscombe Down

I have a Large Scale harrier AV-8B Night Attack That was displayed at RAF Boscombe Down.It is 85cm long and i think the scale is 1/14-1/15/ It is mounted on a Wood and Ali stand that allows the Harrier to be tilted and elavated If you are interested I can send some pictures.....dave

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Samee (
Date:Wed 06 Jun 2007 21:43:14 BST
Subject:PIA Pakistan International Airlines models

Hi im really interested in buying models of the airline PIA Pakistan International Airlines. If anybody has any please email me. preferably the new livery they have released. but if its a PIA let me know


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david (
Date:Tue 22 May 2007 01:47:46 BST
Subject:EL AL models

Hi, I am looking for large and high quality models of EL AL airplanes. I am interested in any EL AL models, but in particular those featuring the marvellous turquoise livery in use from 1971 to 1999......

Any offer or any information welcome...


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Bernd (
Date:Wed 07 Feb 2007 16:38:15 GMT

I have a Lufthansa DC-10, scale 1/100, old livery, mint condition. Looking to swap for a Canadian DC-10 of similar condition

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matticus thomas (
Date:Mon 15 Jan 2007 01:09:47 GMT
Subject:Cutaway Models

Looking for aircraft cutaway models any size westways pacmin or space.

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jon (
Date:Sun 14 Jan 2007 23:38:30 GMT
Subject:Old kits

Looking for old kits from 70s 80s of all boeing aircraft 1/44 to 1/100 top cash payed.

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pam (
Date:Sun 31 Dec 2006 20:45:08 GMT
Subject:1/100 757

for sale a pacmin 1/100 757 in BA livery model in good con- email for more info.

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linlo (
Date:Sat 30 Dec 2006 20:02:52 GMT
Subject:Looking for 1/50 DC10

Looking for 1/50 Dc10 old or new any con-

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